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We're a boutique masonry restoration company, specializing in cleaning and sealing. We serve Vancouver and the surrounding areas. With 40+ years of experience as masonry contractors, we work with general contractors and home owners to extend the life of their masonry and keep it looking new for longer. We clean and remove organics and efflourescence; take care of graffiti removal; do masonry and chimney repairs; restore and seal all types of masonry, including travertine tile and natural stone tiles. As well, we sell concrete sealant and other sealers and coatings.

Chinese pink marble lion, cleaned and sealed using StainProof.
Bluestone retaining walls, after efflouresence removal and sealing with StainProof.
Stone tiles (Bluestone) floor, after advanced cleaning and restoration. Sealed with MetaCreme.

Our team of masonry restoration technicians is able to return your masonry to a better than new condition.

Where ever possible, we use natural and environmentally friendly cleaners to renew the beauty of your stone.

We can remove years of dirt and buildup to reveal the true beauty below the surface on your natural stone tiles.

What can you expect when you choose to work with NWSC?

  • a superior knowledge of sealers and stonework --- more than 40 years in the industry!

  • direct supervision of crew.

  • we bring a great relationship with other industry professionals and suppliers.

  • protection of other surfaces. As necessary, we will tape out and cover windows. We will also protect plants and horizontal surfaces below our sealing area.

  • we use a combination of brush/roller/spray to apply, so as to get the best surface coverage.

  • we use only the highest quality, most technologically advanced sealers and grouts on the market today.

  • we use the correct amount of sealer, as stipulated by the manufacturer.

  • full, up to date WCB coverage, as well as a General Liability Insurance.

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